Tell Me About Yourself

Tell Me About Yourself 

It is normal to feel nervous or get more excited when you have to appear for an interview. Whether you are for any Technical job interview or banking job interview or any other even a low-grade job like Clerk; the first question which would appear in front of you that ‘Tell Me about Yourself’. No need to get nervous or say everything in one line, have some patient; Interviewer has too much time so talk slow and let he/she knows about you because it will not sound good when he/she would asks for Pardon.

Tell Me About Yourself

What things you should include in your short Intro

First of all, you should tell your name, family, your previous qualifications, your achievements in a job or in college life and why you feel that your entry in their company would be beneficial for them.
If you are going to appear for the sales interview; you should include some qualities which show that you are perfect for a sales person. Qualities could be like good negotiation power, your relationship with customer, positive attitude, and friendly nature.
Always include strengths which are favorable in the post for which you are giving an interview; otherwise no need to include compulsory.
For IBPS or other Bank SBI, ICICI etc. Job interviews; Your strengths should be like communication skills, computer knowledge, IQ level, accounts etc.

Your answer to the question ‘tell me about yourself ‘ should include following points;

• Your name.
• Town you belong.
• Qualifications
• Work Experience
• Achievements

Example of a short intro for the sales Profile Jobs;

Hello, this is Ashish Kumar Narang from Panipat. I have completed my degree in Mechanical Engg. & currently pursuing MBA from Amity University, Noida. I have worked experience of more than one year as a Customer Sales Engg. in SKF India Ltd. As I have so much experience of sales profile, so I think I can increase the business of Your Company as well as my own growth.

Prepare everything before going. Some of us started speaking before understanding what they are asking, this can put you in the danger zone. So, prepare yourself before the interview and get ready for this question.
IBPS Interview question.
In IBPS, they also asked the same question and expect you to answer in a straight forward way for the questions like ‘Tell Me About Yourself’. . Some of the persons respond in such a way that they seem over qualified and over experienced guys which are not a good point and danger for your selection.

If you are going for the IBPS or any other banking Job interview, check below answers for the question ‘ Tell me about yourself’;

1. Sir, Good Morning. My Name is Mehak Aggarwal lives in Chandigarh and I Completed B.Com with 85% from XYZ College. My favorite subject is accounts and I also selected for the College Leader in State Level IQ Exam. As I am good at accounts and also lead Account Dept. In Previous Company XYZ for 6-12 Months. So, I think I can handle accounts manager post in your bank.
2. Sir, Good Morning. My Name is Ashish Narang lives in Delhi. I completed my MBA in marketing from Xyz University, Just after clearing my exam, I got this exposure. Till Now, I didn’t have any kind of work experience. In college life, I represented my college in State Level competition and also won the first price. I can handle any new or old customer by my positive outlook. I like to cover new obstacles in life and meeting new people in my daily schedule. To meet new people in daily life is just like learning new things.

Hope, above words clear your question for the answer of ‘Tell Me About Yourself‘. This is just a start after giving interview, you would get list of counter questions related to your answer. SO, prepare yourself for that also which we are going to share in next articles. 

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