Study Plan for SSC-CPO Delhi Police exam

Study Plan for SSC-CPO exam

As SSC CPO-Delhi Police recruitment notification has been come; now it is time to study hard and grab this opportunity. Everyone is interested in Delhi police because Delhi is a capital and if you get your posting in Delhi, that would be permanent and your life is set. There are also more option of job expect Delhi Police. Those options are also best as compared to private job and a good chance to serve for India. Now, it is time to study. But, this time is also confusing. Syllabus is vast and no one knows which part of syllabus should have high preference and which part should low. Here, we are presenting full analysis of SSC CPO-SI, ASI police exam which would be beneficial for you and presents you trend of questions being asking with important books to follow up.

Study Plan for different tests

You have to pass 3 tests to get qualified for the Inspector or Sub-Inspector post.

Test 1

Paper 1 consists of 4parts;

1. General Knowledge/Current affairs ( 50 Marks )

2. Aptitude ( 50 marks)

3. Reasoning ( 50 marks)

4. English Grammar (50 marks)


You need to get more than overall cut off marks. No need to worry about individual cut off; this is not a banking exam.

Strategy to follow during exam

As we already told about the Books to read for SSC CPO exam, question comes how much time for different-different part. You will get 120 minutes for the Exam. Our own experience tells that dark marking of oval would take minimum 16 minutes to 20 minutes. So, we are left with only 100 minutes; so your strategy should be as follows;

  • 15 minutes is enough for General Knowledge portion. No need to think twice on GK questions as that thing will take you to confuse zone and waste your precious time.
  • English also takes maximum 20 minutes as you don’t have to do any kind of calculation; just reminding rules and using your own sense of humor to get answer on Spot.
  • Reasoning can take more time as you have to do calculation and use your 6th sense speed to get answers quickly. We will suggest you to give maximum 30 minutes for this portion. Sometimes, Reasoning part also comes difficult that would waste lot of time and low down your energy for further part.
  • Mathematics is most crucial part. Either you can clear your exam with majority marks in Mathematics or you could get less marks in math and fail due to not getting overall negative marks. Questions would be easy of 8th to 10th class students. So, it is up to you how to handle this situation. We would advise you to score as much as high you can in this portion. You would have 35 minutes for 50 questions of mathematics. Questions are of two types; Some questions just take your seconds and answer would be in your hand while some take minutes and not get solved. So, take care before starting. Set a time limit for questions.

Now, we are left with 20 minutes. We keep spare 2o minutes because following activities also need to do in the exam:

  • Invigilator signature on your sheets.
  • Dark marking of ovals.
  • Checking of exam hall from all kind of weapons, mobiles and cheating materials.

Now, question comes; whether we should marking of oval on the spot as we get answer or mark all answers in paper and later on dark marking in answer sheet. We suggest you to do this activity after marking all answers in Question paper. As this thing will not confuse you and you would also not worry about the other part questions as you had already solved that part.

Test 2

  • Math ( 100 marks)
  • English ( 200 marks)

In this exam, you also have to get cut off marks to clear this exam.

Test 3

Physical Endurance Test (PET)

There would be no marks of PET. It is just an Elimination/Qualified round.

Books to do Pratice Test for SSC CPO exam:


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