SSC CGL TIER 2 Pattern analysis

SSC CGL TIER 2 Pattern analysis

Best of luck to all the aspirants of SSC CGL-2015 who are expected to score more than cut off, which can vary in between 90 to 115. Now, you are wondering why we take such a high margin for the cut-off. As you can see, last year CHSL-12 Cut off June 112 marks so same thing could be happening with SSC CGL. No. of candidates is increasing in every SSC Exam because of two reasons;
· Delay in result of exam.
· Delay in joining date.
· Curious to get higher post.
Anyway, come back to the point why we published this article. Reason behind this article is simply that We can’t waste our time in waiting for the SSC CGL-2015 Tier-1 if you are sure to get more than 100 marks, it is time to study for CGL Tier 2.

Structure of SSC CGL Tier 2 exam

On Tier 2 exam; SSC does not ask any GK or reasoning questions. The exam is in two parts;
· Quantitative aptitude (100 questions of 200 marks)
· English (200 questions of 200 marks)
You have two hours to solve individual paper; First paper will be in morning shift of two hours and second are in evening shift with the same duration.
So, there is no need to worry about dividing time; all time is yours for individual subject; Think out of the box and score high as much as you can.

Quantitative Aptitude

Below Pie-Chart is for the General trend in Quantitative aptitude part. As we can see, the major portion is from Menstruation and Geometry. So, the main focus should be on these two topics as they are carrying 28 % of the total exam.

SSC CGL TIER 2 Pattern analysis
SSC CGL TIER 2 Math Paper Pattern

Why we are giving majority to these two portions; First reason being they carry more than ¼ % of the total marks and the second reason being these are the subjects where maximum score is possible. Just you need to clear your math concepts and remember some formulas related to both portions.

Number System as well as trigonometry also carrying 22 % of the total marks, but questions from these subjects are very time-consuming and unexpected. So, take care in both of the portions. Because, once you get caught in the Trigonometry Formula trap, it can take your 5-10 marks so learn formulas on tips and don’t give more than 2 minutes to each question. The best method to score high in this portion is to practice as much as you can.

Profit and loss, Ratio/Mixture and time/distance also carry 22% of the total marks which are easy to score and less time-consuming; you just need to remember which formula when to use and use your own skills.
Practice makes a man perfect

Just follow this concept while preparing for Quantitative Aptitude; one of our Blog readers scored 180 marks in CGL 2014 Tier 2 exam; his only concept was Practice….Practice…..Practice.

English Comprehension

Students who are first time appearing in this exam, thinks that it is their cup of tea to score high in English as this is their native subject. But, it is the biggest misconception which is in your mind regarding SSC CGL Tier 2 exam. Stop believing on such kind of statement and prepare according to the portions in which you needed improvement.
Start practicing tier-2 practice test daily and check where you are lacking. English is the easiest subject if you understand basic logics and learn them according to the requirement of question paper.

SSC CGL TIER 2 Pattern analysis

Topics which are major in Tier 1 exam, now having less preference as you can check out from the above chart. The main focus should be on;
· Reading comprehension
· Direct and Indirect Narration
· Close test
· Sentence Improvement
· Para Jumbles
· Finding errors
Reading Comprehension:
I think this is one of the easiest portions to score high if you practice a lot of the Practice tests.
Direct and Indirect Narration, Close Test:
Prepare a notebook with a list of rules and recall everytime during practice. If you are making lots of mistakes, make a note and recall at the end of the day to avoid same mistake.
Sentence Improvement/Finding Errors
Recall grammar rules and read English newspapers to check how English sentence Formed.
Para Jumbles
Only Practice is the solution to score high on this subject.
If you having any other type of doubt related to SSC CGL Tier 2 exam, Please Let us know through comment section.

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