SSC CGL Studyplan of Logical Reasoning with book list

SSC CGL Studyplan of Logical Reasoning with book list

Logical Reasoning is also important subject for the toppers as there is high priority to score high in this subject. You just need to clear your logic; rest is on the paper.   Reasoning is also mentioned as General intelligence as well as Logical aptitude. You only need to strong your mathematics and your mind aptitude, you can easily score high. If we check out last year SSC papers of SSC CGL and CPO, most of the questions levels are same. There is very less difference in difficulty level. As you know, Reasoning is only 50 marks subject but it counted as the best subject because it is scoring subject and very less probability of wrong answer.

Last year’s SSC CGL-CPO  papers analysis of English

On the basis of last year SSC papers we made a following conclusion about the scoring are and their share in the total share;

  • Non-Verbal – 5 mark
  • Logic – 2 to 4 marks
  • Arrangement – 2 to 7 marks
  • Coding – 7 to 11 marks
  • Series : 25 to 30 marks
  • Miscellaneous (Clock, Calendar, Age problems etc.) – 1 to 4 marks.

 How to go through different parts of Reasoning 

Here, we are going to let you know what type of questions asked from above parts. In Non-Verbal question, patterns are like judging outcome of dice, Mirror reflection, process sequence etc. These type of questions hardly takes 2 to 5 minutes; no matter how many questions ( Max=5).

Logic part is totally based upon your mind set and sometimes, you don’t have to use pen for answering question. Syllogism, Venn diagram or assumption question comes in this category.

As we can judge from name, any type of arrangement question comes in this category. It could be Blood relation, table chair, direction based etc.Coding part consists of the questions like Symbols, Math operations or word coding.

 Best book for reasoning;

As we all know reading is equal to our memory power and up to how long it can store. But, it is nothing like that. You also need a lot of practices as you have less time and competition is increasing continuously.

Verbal and Non verbal reasoning by R.S Aggarwal

New Approach to verbal and non verbal reasoning by B  S Suwal and Indu Swal


Study plan for Reasoning:

  • There is no need to memorize any formulas; you can high your marks only by practicing hard.
  • Give more emphasis on ODD one out, Classification, Dictionary based series questions, analogy. These are main topics for the major portion of Reasoning.
  • Take care of timing on every question during practicing. Sometimes, you waste almost more than one minute on single question which is not good for other parts.
  • If you think any question is time consuming and you can score more questions in same time, leave that. Save time as much as you can.
  • Arrangement type questions take time initially. But, they can take you for high score if you practice a lot because most of the questions theme is same except values.
  • Coding-Decoding questions can also be scored in less time with hard practice.
  • Don’t waste time on syllogism questions if you have less time.

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