SSC CGL General Awareness Studyplan book list with Study Material

SSC CGL General Awareness Studyplan book list  with Study Material

Most of the Govt. Job aspirants are worried about General awareness portion and waste their time on preparing study plan and buying lot of books thinking it would help and take to the top students list. But, it doesn’t matter. You just need book which complete all syllabus and analysis of previous years papers so that you come to know how to score in General awareness portion. There is no list of too much books for SSC General Awareness, first go through the analysis of last year exams and buy books as listed.

As you can see, General knowledge is of 50 marks out of 400 marks. So, no need to more worry about GK. Just do as per follows, if you would confuse yourself for GK with lot of books; either you will get less marks on negative. Because, GK confuse every time as you have to remind a lot of things, birthdates, Birth place, Death place, Kings name etc. Out of 50 marks, 5-10 marks portion would be of current affairs which are beneficial for you. Remaining prepare GK from Luscent which is only book to cover all aspects in just a single book. For Current affairs, you can check on PD of last 3-4 months and reading of ‘The Hindu’ Newspaper daily for minimum 30 to 45 minutes as this will not only improve your Knowledge but help to improve in English portion will lot of new word-meaning.


Analysis of last year SSC CPO and SSC CGL exam

If you will check out last year’s Delhi Police, SSC CGL exam, you will analyze following things

Static Portion (45 to 55%) Science (25 to 35 %) Crap ( 10 to 20 %)
Economy, Geography, History and Politics Computer, Physics, Biology, Chemistry Current affairs
Luscent + 6 to 10th class NCERT’s Yearbook, PD, The Hindu etc. + Govt Entrance Current Affairs Category

If you are more curious about Economy and want to prepare for UPSC simultaneously , you can go though below book:

From above chart, you can simply judge that Short form of GK is SSC ( Static + Science + Crap).

Studyplan to prepare General awareness for SSC Exams

  • Give at least 1-2 hour daily for GK focusing on particular topic with proper practicing before sleeping. 
  • 15 minutes – 30 minutes to learn Current affairs by Hindu newspaper or by subscribing any blog.
  • Don’t try to buy more and more books for General knowledge or current affairs, before buying any new book on GK make sure that you already completed your last book.
  • Don’t waste time on World History or World Geography, you would run our of time with this.
  • Don’t ignore Biodiversity and Environment, SSC has also started to ask questions from these topics. 
  • Naming of new Dams, Policies or projects is more important as compared to Dates.
  • Best option to prepare Science is from 7 to 10th class NCERT’s. Use Luscent for missing details. 
  • Don’t go for inventions or Scientists. 
  • Current affairs of last year are important. No particular Date from since they can ask. Don’t bother on questions up to how much months, we should prepare current affairs. It is obviously upto last one year. 

After getting all analysis, We don’t think it is difficult to get 20 to 25 marks in GK and that would be more than enough to clear this exam. If you are not sure about your answer, please don’t guess and mark it. It is better to get 0 marks than negative marks which could drastically reduce your other subject’s performance.



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