SSC CGL exam – Job profile and prospectus of Desk Job Vs Field Job

SSC CGL exam – Job profile and prospectus of Desk Job Vs Field Job

SSC-CGL is most important exam for graduates to get a high profile govt. job in respected departments. Through this exam, SSC recruits more than 20000 graduates on respected posts in govt. offices. Most probability, SSC notifications comes in February and March. But, it is not sure. It can take more time also. After coming notifications of SSC CGL, everyone have to suffer from the problem of filling out jobs preference. Everyone has roughly idea about posts and too much doubt about the job profile and future scope. No one sure what is the job profile of different officers and what the future scope is after getting officer post in respected Govt. Department? Here, we are going to explain job profile of each post as well as pros and cons. Now, it is up to you which department you want to go. Please read out briefly about each post before filling preference as this process in irreversible. First of all, you have to make sure that which career you want to choose; desk job or field job. Every field has its own importance and cons.

SSC CGL needs only 1 year hard preparation after that everything would be in your hand. As there are so much respected jobs available through SSC CGL exam; so we should not worry about posting and type of Jobs. But, before submitting preference for jobs during online filling form, we should know about basic of each jobs and kind of jobs which we can get though this exam. Sometimes, SSC gives option to change preference later. But, it is not compulsory. So, you should clear your mind before filling form and finalize your preference and try hard to get optimum score for getting that post.

 Here, we are presenting list of both type of Jobs. Now, it is up to how you going to fill preference.

Desk jobs available after clearing SSC CGL;


SSC CGL exam - Job profile and prospectus of Desk Job Vs Field Job


Field Jobs available after clearing SSC CGL:

SSC CGL exam - Job profile and prospectus of Desk Job Vs Field Job

Go through Job profiles of each post on before finalize decision about preference.

What are the Pros and Cons of Desk Job or field job;

As we all know, Time between 20 to 30 ages is the career deciding time. What we choose in this time, we have to continue our future with that field. There are exceptional cases also who switches their career after 30s also. But, most prominent time is 20 to 30. Everyone having same doubt that desk job is good or field job. Mainly it is totally depends upon the interest of Job aspirants. But, we should carefully study pros and cons of Desk job as well as filed job so that we will not feel regret in future.

During survey which team conducted on March, 2014 in Delhi/NCR areas, we got the following points to be noted according to Workers experiences;

  • Desk jobs workers like to work with colleagues all time and having strong bonding between workers with big groups while field job workers like flexibility in their timings and meeting with different type of persons daily.
  • There is more probability in desk job that you will put weight while in field job, it is easy to lose weight.
  • Both field earned same money. There could be difference in salary and incentives. But, saving salary is almost.
  • Level of stress is also almost same.

Pros of Desk Job

  • You would have a particular covered office with fully air conditioned rooms in summers.

Cons of Desk Job

  • You have to wear formals daily. Boys also have to clean shave regularly.
  • Desk job means Computer Job; there would be more chances that you could suffer from the eyestrain and headache problems.
  • There are more chances of heart attack in Desk Job persons. Because, their job is boring and all day they time pass just sitting in front of computers.

Pros of Field Job

  • No need of formals daily. As there would be no boss for you in field, so choose as per your choice.
  • You don’t need to worry about office politics.
  • Your meetings would be more than 1 or 2 hour in Clients offices or homes rather than meeting of 5-10 minutes at your office. As time spent would be more, so more chances to understand each other according to project requirements.

Cons of Field job

  • You have to remain physically feet and travel should be your hobby otherwise you have to face a lot of problems related to Environmental change.
  • No need to get exhausted by standing on your feet. This should be your hobby.
  • There would be no particular office. So, you should be familiar with Different environments and work cultures.
  • More Increase as well as decrease in temperature could cause problem to your health. Some of the Medical Survey proves that Extreme heat could cause heat exhaustion as well as more UV radiations from Sun results in Frostbite and Hypothermia.

These all conclusions we got from survey conducted by our team. In case of another survey or notifications, we will update this article. If you want to update other Job aspirants from your experiences, please comment below.

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