SSC CGL English Study plan, books list with analysis

SSC CGL English Study plan, books list with analysis

English is most crucial part for everyone. Most of the students think that it is not their cup of tea to score marks in English as they have to remind a lot of rules and word-meaning. But, It is not like so. Even English is the only subject which can take you in toppers list. Just concentrate on your studies and read everything carefully. As you see in analysis of SSC-CPO exam, English is of 150 marks which really matters a lot. Let us go through the topic wise analysis of English part and plan our strategy to score high as much as possible.


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Analysis of last year English portion of  SSC Exams

On the basis of Analysis of Last 2 years Tier 1 ( 50 marks) papers, we conclude that paper would be divided in to 3 parts; Vocabulary, Grammar and Sentence arrangement + Comprehension.

1. Marks of Vocabulary topic- 20 to 25. It consists of 

Antonyms ( 4 to 6 marks )

Synonyms/Substitution ( 5 to 10 marks)

Idioms ( 0 to 6 marks)

Spelling Check ( 4 to 6 marks )

Fill in the blanks ( 5 to 10 marks)

2. Sentence arrangement ( 5 marks)

3. Comprehension ( 5 marks)

4. Marks of Grammar topic vary from 10 to 15 marks and consists of following topics;

Sentence Correction- 5 marks

Sentence Improvement – 5 marks

Direct Indirect (0 to 5 marks)

Active to passive voice (0 to 5 marks )

Now, question comes which books to study to prepare English and how to tackle different parts. Firstly, We will let you know which books going to get you on top list and after that let you know how to Learn these books. No need to buy too many books to prepare English; if you really want to remain focused on studies; below  first 2 books would be enough for you;

  • Objective General English by S.P Bakshi
  • Word Power made easy by Norman Lewis
  • Practice of Comprehension from any book whatever you have. If you don’t have any book, try from below list;
  • Objective General English by R.S Aggarwal

How these books are beneficial for you and how to use for different topics;

  • Objective General English by S.P Bakshi

In this book, you will find direct rules for grammar, easy assess to Grammar topics, Not complex languages; limited examples for every topic. There is also a long list of Phrasal verbs and Idioms in the book with examples so that your learning ability would be more easy.

  • Word Power made easy by Norman Lewis

This book is like everything for SSC aspirants with such a Friendly language.
Root of Every word is depicted in the chapter and words formed from single root are also explained with lucid manner. There are total 40 sessions in this book and you can easily complete 3-4 sessions per day. Don’t forget to complete practice set as they are also mandatory to refresh your Learning abilities.

At the end of book, there is Appendix of the different words alphabetically which is also important according to exam point of view. Sometimes, SSC directly asked words as a Synonyms, Antonyms, Word-meaning from the books.

  • Comprehension Book list

Only one rule applies to this part, Practice, practice and Practice as much as you can.

  • Objective General English by R.S Aggarwal

In this book, you will get multiple types of questions on every topic being asked in SSC.
SO, this book is helpful after covering all above books. There is also list of Last year questions asked in SSC exam which will give you hint how’s your preparation is and how you can improve more.

Don’t waste time on Searching ‘ ‘How to prepare English’; Just go through this article and clear your exam with high score. 

Study plan to prepare English

  • Give at least one hour for learning, half an hour for revision and half an hour for comprehension Practice.
  • Learn Synonyms, antonyms  as well as new word as much as you can. This will not only help you to score high marks and improve your vocabulary but also decrease your reading time of comprehension.
  • Try to understand meaning of each word and their root word.
  • Keep a dictionary with yourself and  learn new word whenever you get time. 
  • Note down grammar rules in your Notebook and learn as much as you can. You have no option expect learning.
  •  Note down examples of every rule, word anything you want to learn. Examples helps to memorize words and rules. 
  • Take care of Phrasal words as they are difficult to learn and little bit complex. 



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