Scope of Civil Engg.

Scope of Civil Engg. 

If any of the blog reader is B. Tech qualified, they can feel the pain of choosing branch when they decided to do B.Tech. As we all having good knowledge of computers so everyone feel this kind of thing that We can do Computer engg. easily and earn a lot of Rupees. But, it is not like that. There is too much difference between a simple computer expert and doing B.Tech in Computer Engg. Anyway, here we are to discuss the scope of Civil Engg. as well as Its pros and Cons.

First thing you should know that What is Civil Engg.

Civil Engg. Is further divided into different parts like Drawing Expert, Construction Expert etc. Civil Engineers perform a vital role in  improving quality of life for the new century. Civil engineers needs to solve our daily life problems, fight to reduce the pollution, traffic congestion problems, unhygienic water, energy needs, urban redevelopment, and community planning. Our future as a nation will be closely tied to space, energy, the environment, and our ability to interact with and compete in the global economy. Civil Engineer is one of the world’s most important jobs: they build our quality of life. If we talk about creativity or Technical skills, Civil Engg. is a Great Branch to proceed. You have to present on construction site as well as on your table. So, it is not purely office Job. If you will able to learn CAD, CAM or drawing software’s; there is possibility that your major work would be in office but if you talk about daily routine of a Civil Engg; It is purely on site in dust and smoke. If you can’t accept these kinds of situations, please don’t go for it and research about your interest.

Scope of Civil Engg.

No Doubt, there is too much scope of Civil Engg. As Urban development is increasing at rapid rate and there is too much growth of infrastructure or Real Estate, so there are too many chances of attracted packages. This branch is also known as Evergreen Branch due to lots of positions for Civil Engg.

 Merits of Civil Engg.

  • Attractive packages.
  • High growth in Packages as compared to other jobs.
  • Evergreen Branch
  • Lots of Govt. Job openings with less competition.
  • No recession time.

Demerits of Civil Engg.

  • Site Construction Job.
  • 24*7 Job; You could be called any time on the site.
  • Very less Job in City areas; Most of the jobs are far from developed areas.
  • There would be very less probability of a girl in your class; so you have to maintain your own interest in the Civil Engg. to attend classes.

Companies who hire for Civil Engg. With Lucrative packages:

  • NFL
  • IOCL
  • BHEL
  • Ultratech
  • NHAI
  • NTPC
  • Indian Railways Etc.

These are the Core Companies who hire for Civil Engg. after a gap of months. Keep in touch with us to get any Govt. Job Notification. 

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