SBI-PO Interview Experience in Detail

SBI-PO Interview Experience in Detail

As PO Interviews are near so everyone is excited to know about the process of SBI-PO interviews and lots of questions in mind. Here, we will share everything in detail. We prepared a complete article on SBI PO Interview that how SBI PO Panel take interviews, how many members would be in panel to ask question, what type of questions they generally ask, how much time an Interview Process takes and lots of thing. Lets come to topic and explain you in detail experienced shared by our readers and our own experience which we had in SBI PO-2013 Interviews;

Total members in an Interview panel:

Mainly, there would be 3 to 4 members; it doesn’t matter whether they are Man/Women. Any ratio could be possible.

First of all they called a batch of 12 to 15 students and asked everyone to participate in the Group Discussion round. They will pass a topic to group and would be given 3 minutes to think about the topic and after that 2 minutes individually in 2 different sequences; strictly 2 minutes only. First 2 minutes to give your own opinion and second 2 minutes for giving summary of all GD after completing everyone their opinion Don’t interrupt any other during Group Discussion; use your own time as much as possible. If your whole group is not comfortable with GD Topic, you all could ask to change the GD Topic. Don’t hesitate, it is allowed.

After completing GD, there would be 15 to 20 minutes time break and after that they will call individually for the interview.

Topic asked in Group discussion round in last few years:

  • Cleanliness is the fundamental responsibility of every citizen.
  • Leadership qualities.
  • Why dress code is different for everyone.
  • Merits as well as demerits of Privatization.

Tips to solve English in less time

Questions generally asked in Last SBI PO interviews:

  • About your educational background.
  • About your birthplace past and current ministers.
  • Gap in education or job if there is any.
  • About your last job.
  • About your hobbies
  • About your last Degree you had passed.
  • Why you want to resign from your last Job
  • Why banking even doing after MBA or B.Tech (As Applicable).
  • About you’re Interests.
  • About Current Problems going on in World like Global Warming, Social media etc.

We share all type of questions that were generally asked in an Interview and about the whole process of SBI-PO Interview. If you want to know anything else about the process of SBI-PO interview; please let us know through comment section.

All The Best…!!!

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