Salary of RBI Grade B officer

Salary of RBI Grade B officer

As it is clearly mentioned in the title that RBI is direct recruiting for grade B officers and application fees is Rs. 850. Before filling form, it is too important to know about the existing pay of RBI Grade B officer.

Basic salary of RBI Grade B officer is Rs. 21000 and if we count total cost to RBI of one employee for one month; it is more than Rs. 50000 which is too good in terms of salary drawn. Here, we will split salary of RBI Grade B officers and let you know about the different types of payments counted adding to total salary drawn;

  • Special pay:

This payment would be started after one year of job in respective scale. As you are a fresher and there would be no increment till one year; so Special pay for you would be Rs. 1100. For experienced persons who are serving in RBI since a long time; special pay would be equivalent to same as amount of their last increment.

  • Stagnation Increment:

This amount is equal to last increment done in their salary. Everyone is eligible for stagnation increment after every 3 years in their respective scale.

  • Special functional allowance:

Rs. 625 is the amount fixed for special function allowance to Grade B officers; everyone is eligible for this amount doesn’t matter years of service.

  • JAIB/CAIB Allowance:

This allowance is not clear in terms of payment. Either you will be eligible for Rs. 900 or Rs. 1100 depending upon your service in RBI.

Salary of RBI Grade B officer

  • Dearness allowance:

As inflation changes time to time; RBI also revised Dearness allowance for their employees time to time. Dearness allowance varies according to the Consumer Price Index.

  • Home allowance:

This is fix i.e; 10 % of the pay. If you apply for RBI Residential accommodation; you would not be eligible for this allowance. If you are staying in your accommodation; You can apply for maximum 150 % Of the normal House allowance.

  • Local allowance:

This amounts for 5 % of your salary and maximum up to Rs. 1300 per month for Grade B officers.

  • Family allowance:

This amounts for 4 % of salary with extent up to Maximum Rs. 1300 PM.

  • Grade allowance:

Grade B officer would be eligible for Rs. 1250 as Grade allowance PM.

  • Special allowance:

Grade B officer would be also eligible for the special allowance which amounts for Rs. 2500 per month.

  • Personal allowance:

After one year of Service; amounts for Rs. 550 PM.

  • Deputation allowance:

If you are deputed to other organization for the same centre; 4% of Pay would be given as deputation allowance maximum upto Rs. 1200. If you are deputed to another City, Deputation allowance would be revised to 7.5 %.

  • Medical expenses allowance:

This allowance is given annually and amounts for Rs. 4000.

There are many more things to explain which are still pending; We think this is more than sufficient for a beginner. If you want to deep study about the Salary structure of RBI officers; you could download file from below link. This is officially file from the RBI about Revised pay scale structure of RBI Grade B officer.

z_RBI officers Revision of pay and allowances


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