RBI Grade B Phase 1 Prelims-Paper structure, Study plan, Cut-offs

RBI Grade B Phase 1 Prelims-Paper structure, Study plan, Cut-offs 

This is very good chance to enter in RBI with a lucrative career ahead. Here, we are to discuss regarding exam structure of RBI Grade B Phase 1 Prelims paper and how to prepare according to RBI syllabus.

First of all, let’s discuss about Structure of RBI Grade B Prelims Paper:

Same as the UPSC or SSC Govt. Job Exams, RBI also followed same structure for their prelims exam. There would be total 200 questions and 120 minutes; consists of 4 different sections;

  • General Awareness
  • Aptitude
  • Reasoning
  • English

There is one different thing as compared to SSC papers that there is sectional cut off. It means you have to pass individually every section.

If we talk about 2013 Cut off for the RBI Grade B Prelims exam;

It is as below;

RBI Grade B Phase 1 Prelims-Paper structure, Study plan, Cut-offs


If we look at the Cut-Off of general category students, You have to score 40 to 60 % in each section to pass individual cut off for the exam. Total score needed to clear the exam is around 60 % of total marks.

It is clear from the above image that Maximum questions (80) are of General awareness and lowest (30) from English as well as Quantitative aptitude. This is little bit disappointing for the students who score full marks in Aptitude portion. You have to focus on the General awareness too for this exam.

Now, lets go through study plans for the different sections so that how can you prepare different section in less time.

Study plan to prepare General Awareness for RBI Grade b officer Exam

General awareness is very crucial section. Your half selection depends upon this section as it is too much scorer and easy to crack If prepare with focus. As 2013 and 2014 was online exam, so it is hard to analyze topic wise breakup of this section. However, we did analysis on 2011 RBI Grade B General Awareness paper; Let’s see how 80 questions were breakup into different sections;

                   Topic     No. of Questions

Science                 1

Yearbook             13

Diplomacy           7

Geography         3

Economy             56

As it is RBI Grade B officer exam, so main questions are related to economy.

Now, let discuss how to prepare different sections;

How to prepare Economy for RBI Grade B Officer Exam:

If we check out last year paper; Questions were further divided into sub-parts; some questions related to current affairs and some questions related to Economy of India. It means we have to prepare both things, Current affairs related to economy of India and second thing any book related to economy of India.

Before discussing plans to prepare Current Affairs and Economy Theory, We should better know what type of questions RBI asks in Grade B officer exam and how they can put twist in Simple question;

  • To find the correct abbreviation or meaning of Any Word.
  • To match the Functions of different Organizations.
  • To match the person specialized in their organization.
  • Statements related to Govt. Policy or Act.
  • Date or Numbers related to Policies or History.

I would request you to please ignore to mug up 5th type of questions as this consumes too much time and not worthy as compared to other parts. Now, go through the study plans to prepare different sub-sections of Economy;

Theory related to economy:

Current Affairs related to Economy:

  • Highlights of Current year Budget.
  • Pratiyogita Darpan of last 6 Months.
  • The Hindu Newspaper

How to prepare Yearbook for RBI Grade B officer’s Exam:

Yearbook is nothing but collections of Governments Schemes, Social Development etc. So, take a deep look on Govt. Schemes from PD or Newspaper. That’s more than enough.

Remaining topics can be covered up from Lucent’s Book which Is also more than sufficient.

Study plan to prepare Reasoning for RBI Grade b officer Exam

This section contains second higher number of questions (60) in exam so this is also important to score high in this subject. After analyzing RBI Grade B 2011 reasoning section; we come to conclusion that Questions were mainly from these sub-sections;

  • Sitting Arrangement Comprehension (12)
  • Blood relation Comprehension (9)
  • Syllogism (6)
  • Data Interpretation (5)
  • Coding ( 8)
  • Equality-inequality (6)
  • Remaining questions from mixed topics

No plans or any tips to prepare Reasoning; Practice is king to score high marks in this section and for practice, you can buy this book;

Study plan to prepare Aptitude for RBI Grade b officer Exam

Aptitude is third as well as lowest scorer in RBI Grade B officer exam and it is not difficult as seems. Main topics to cover up Aptitude are as follows;

  • Average
  • Allegation
  • Ratios
  • Profit/Loss
  • Equality
  • Arithmetic and Geometric progression
  • Time, Speed, Distance and Work.
  • Geometry
  • Venn Diagrams etc.

Questions are mix from all above topics and there is no particular trend of questions from different sub-sections. All topics are not so difficult and easy to score; but problem arises in exam is about Speed. You have to solve questions in less peed. So, practice hard to get rid of Aptitude Section. GOOD LUCK.

Study plan to prepare English for RBI Grade b officer Exam

OH MY GOD….English

Most of times, we all get confused on this topic not because of difficulty but because of fear in Mind. If we take a look at previous results, most of times student stuck at English and unable to score even up to cut offs in this portion. So, get ready to Prepare English seriously. On the basis of 2011 RBI Grade B Officer Prelims Exam; Questions from different topics follow this below trend;

  • Sentence Correction-5
  • Sentence Rearrangement -5
  • Comprehension – 8
  • Fill in the blanks – 12.

However, syllabus is not too much for English just a fear which takes us away to score Cut-Off marks.

Here are few tips to prepare as well as Practice English for RBI Grade B officer exam:

  • Read GMAT Comprehension from Google and Practice for different questions as well as learn meaning of different Words.
  • Practice Sentence Arrangement from book; Objective English by SP Bakshi.
  • Make a own list of Vocabulary or prepare from our daily Chapters to learn about different words and their meaning.


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