RBI Grade B Officers Profile

RBI stands for Reserve Bank of India and It is one of the most prestigious government institute of India. Whoever dreams for getting a Govt. Job, In that a list, this job is one of the butter Job. But, it is not everyone’s cup of tea to get an entry into RBI officers; you have to pass exam as well as interview conducted by RBI officers. Highest posts up to which RBI Service Board can fill into its department through exam is RBI Grade B officers. Every year, forms for RBI Grade B officers come in June-July Month. Mainly, there are two exams to go, first is objective exam which would be in August and second is descriptive which would be conducted in September or October. Here, we going to tell you about pros, cons as well as every brief detail of RBI Grade B officer post so that you can motivate yourself to get into this job and study hard.

Salary Package of RBI Grade B officer

Total CTC(Cost to Company) will be around 13 lac in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi etc. While, original hierarchy of RBI is divided into 3 positions; I, III, and IV. There is no II position; Mind it. These positions further divided into A to F classes; from top to lowest. Basic pay is equal to the original salary of an Office Assistant. But, you will get different different type of allowance except this like home allowance, dearness allowance, grade allowance. If we count salary including all these allowance, It sums up to around Rs. 48000. Except this, you will also get perks which would be depend upon your manager and your performance.

Probation period is of 2 years which could be extendable up to 4 years according to your performance in training period. After completion of probation period, you will get more Rs. 5000 in your pocket which is only allowed after completion.

Allowances after completion of probation period are of following types; Grade Allowance (Rs. 2250) and Special Allowance (Rs. 2500).

You also don’t need to worry about inflation rate. There will be satisfactory change in the allowance according to change in inflation. Allowance change is more frequent than basic salary change. This is all about your salary and allowance. Except this, you will also get petrol which is known as conveyance allowance. You are allowed for 120 liter petrol per month. If you use public vehicle, you can get amount of this petrol in cash. If you are living in metro city, extra 30 liter petrol for you. After promotion on higher posts in RBI, you would be also allowed for Driver allowance and Car Maintenance allowance.

So, this jobs is totally lucrative and as per your dreams. Grab it before anyone.

Best thing about this Job is 5 days Job. If you are preparing for IAS or IPS, you could take this as a substitute.

Career prospectus after Appointment in RBI Grade B officer

  • If you are being recruited at a young age, there is more chance to be a deputy governor after promotions in RBI departmental exams. Sorry for governor, because this post is already book for IAS officers as mentioned according to our constitution.
  • If you are good at economy or want to increase your economy learning and want to deep study about inflation, corruption; you are most welcome. Here, you will come to know about IMF, World Bank etc. in whole detail.
  • If you want to earn fat check in your 50-60 ages, you are also welcome. Investment banks will welcome you with a great salary after your retirement.


You can get posting anywhere in All over India as it is ALL India Govt. Job. As we all know most of the RBI offices in metro city, There is no need to worry about remote areas.

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