Railway Budget 2015-16 Highlights

As already mentioned in the Article 112 of constitution that Government have to present financial statement for the annual expenses and this statement mentioned as the Budget. This time, it is turn of Railway Budget. Railway Budget 2015-16 was presented by Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu accompany with Minister of State Railways Manoj Sinha at New Delhi Parliament on 2015-02-26. This was first full year Rail budget of Modi Government as well as of Suresh Prabhu. This was totally friendly budget as there was no increase in ticket rates, main focus was on modernization and cleaning of the railways.

During announcement of Rail Budget, Railway Minsiter Suresh Prabhu mentioned that Modi government will mainly focus on following four goals;

  1. Customer experience should be good.
  2. Security and full privacy during travelling
  3. Modernisation of Railway Infrastructure.
  4. To improve financial stability of Indian railways.

There is also PDF option below to download Railway Budget 2015-16 highlights.

Highlights of First Full Fledged Rail Budget of BJP:

  • No change in price of tickets….No Increase No decrease…..same as before.
  • Total plan proposed investment of 100011 Cr which means 52 % increase as compared to previous.
  • 67% increase in allocation of fund for Passenger amenities.
  • Reserved Booking window open timing increased from 60 to 120 days which is really a big relief for common man.
  • Operation 5 minutes’ introduced by railway for the common man who fail to get ticket on the last minutes due to overcrowded queue. There would be Hot Buttons window or automatic ticket vending machines from which it would be able to get a ticket by using your debit card or smart cards.
  • 1000 Cr which was Idle from Nirbahaya Fund used in railways for Women Security purposes like Security helpline, Surveillance etc.
  • There would be two 24*7 helpline number as explained below: a) 138 for passenger’s real time problems in train also b) 182 for security related complaints.
  • Increase in Speed of 9 railway corridors from 110 and 120 KM/H to 160 and 200 KM/H.
  • Increment in mobile charging ports in AC as well as general coaches.
  • Wi-Fi facility will be provided on the All B category railway stations (around 400). While, A and A1 category stations are already providing this services.
  • Replacement of more 17000 toilets by Bio toilets.
  • SMS alert service on Arrival and departure of trains.
  • Allocation of Funds; a) Rs. 2000 Cr for Costal Connectivity Program b) Rs 6581 Cr for construction of 917 road under bridges and over bridges, and 3438 railway crossings.
  • Developers would setup 1000 MW Solar plant On Railway/Private Land by their own money
  • Plan to eliminate 3,430 level crossings.
  • Addition of 200 more stations in Adarsh Station Scheme.
  • A special ‘Kisan Yatra’ Scheme for farmers was introduced in the speech but nor properly disclosed.
  • There would be encouragement of Skill development and self development centres at Konkan Railway Mode.
  • Open of four Railway research centre in four different universities.
  • Conversion of 100 DEMU to Dual Fuels trains.
  • After water audit in Railways, there will be set up of Water Recycling plant.
  • 77 new projects for Doubling, tripling/quadrupling/ electrification system.
  • Proper yoga training to all railway Guards.
  • For Help in technology upgrading, plan to announce opening of ‘KayaKalp’.
  • To make freight business successful and simpler; Decentralise, deregulate and delegate will be done.
  • Planning to eliminate 3438 level crossings with the help of corporate safety plans especially including ISRO; this will increase expenses by 2600 %.
  • Last year, Operating ratio recorded as 88.5 % which is best from last 9 years.
  • Total investment to be done in railways for next 5 years is around 8.5 Lac Cr.

Download Railway Budget 2015-16 Highlights in PDF.

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