Profile of Apprentice Development Officer (ADO) in Life Insurance Corporation (LIC)

Profile of Apprentice Development Officer (ADO) in Life Insurance Corporation (LIC)

Ever year, LIC give chance to young graduates to get enter into their offices as a ADO. Most of the candidates confused what kind of profile they will get after clearing this exam, is there any future after getting this job or what kind of work they have to do in this job and lot of questions. So, this article is for all graduates who are going to fill this form to get ADO job in LIC.

What kind of Job is ADO

ADO stands for Apprentice Development officer as we already told above. This job is mix up of sales, marketing, field as well as well supervisory field. Initially, you will get training how to get sales of LIC policies, How to handle different type of clients, how to create market image and lots. Initially, there will be training phase which trained you for future dealing. After getting trained, they will send you in a particular region which could be of your choice or depend upon the requirement. After getting region, you have to recruit agents for selling policies, trained them for different kind of customer situations and let them know how they can increase sale of their policies to maximum persons. Share of travelling is more than 50 % so you have to motivate them as much as possible.

This job is totally flexible and lucrative. If you will work with good performance, there would be no burden to work for long hours; it is totally your will when you want to work or not. No one is allowed to question on your working style. There are also high incentives on good performance which could be more than your salary. Incentives are totally depend upon your performance to given targets.

If you are able to achieve your targets in initial 4-5 years then the road for future career in LIC becomes easy for you and then your incentive income starts and which could be equivalent to your salary and

may be exceeds based on your performance. If you have high interest in marketing, this could be your dream job in terms of incentives, job safety, future security etc.

Salary chart of ADO

Initially, you will be appointed as Apprentice with Rs. 12,421 in hand. This apprentice phase duration will depend upon the officer’s hand. After getting promotion as a Probationary Development officer, you will be entitled for the scale of 7440-450(2)-8340-520(2)9380-540(17) 18560 i.e; minimum 20-22 K in hand. Don’t just focus on salary; incentives are too much if you are successful in giving good business to your organization.

Sometimes, girls are also confused whether they should join it or not as this a travelling as well as marketing jobs. Let me clear, you can do this job better than boy. You don’t have to think about gender whether it is male or female. It is a totally challenging job with good experience for future point of view. Even, a girl can bring far better business to organization.

Career prospectus after getting placed as ADO

LIC ADO Promotion Chart
LIC ADO Promotion Chart


After Branch manager, it all depends upon your performance.




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    please inform when lic ado exam notification will appear in 2015


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  • [email protected] ¢HαngëR(¢αRëër pÖwëR ST)©

    पिछले साल ado का cutoff क्या था…??

  • Ajay(invincible)



    Anyone have any idea about the cut offs for LIC ADO 2015??
    Is there any sectional cut off??

  • sateesh

    Is they fire us if we don’t achieve the targets

  • Karthi Keyan


  • Abhinav Tripathi

    Yes there is sectional cutoff

  • lulu

    if we are unable to get target will they fire us pllzzzzzzzzzz reply

  • sunil

    If you continuously not achieve target for 3 year then they will terminated from the job and they yearly target is not that much hard to achieve. The minimum target is Rs. 1500000 premium amount through the agents.

  • barcelona

    The interview process is in English or regional language.

  • Paap P

    i have lost my application form ,which is needed for interview,how can i get it back?????? please reply asap…….my intrvw on 24

  • vaishnavi muralidharan

    hey some one tell me about interview language and about job

  • shiny

    Can you pls guide me to get an application form..How can i download?

  • ani

    I dnt hav applictn print out.. How can i get it.. Thn conduct certificate format pls tel me.. I hav interview on 22 nd sep. Frm chennai division..

  • AB@…….

    Online application print is not necessary so go for it………

  • Girija Rajendran

    I have interview on 18th Sep. Is this job is suitable for girls?. Will it involve more field work. I have obc certificate dated feb 2014. Is this enough?

  • $h!Lp@

    can anyone tell me is application print is necessary??


    can anyone tell me what is LIC ADO?

  • Nimmi

    Is online application print is mandatory ? I have lost it..Please guide if i can get duplicate copy from somewhere…

  • Sãchin Tripathi

    no its not i went to interview yesterday.not even reqiered.go with confidence

  • Nimmi

    Thanks !!

  • Poorna vignesh waran
  • Dharani Selvi P Divya

    What type of questions asked in lic ado.. Can anyone say.. I have interview on 26th of September

  • Utkarsh Surse

    Dear,,which is ur location of interview???

  • Utkarsh Surse

    Plzzzz,,tell me what’s the latest salary structure of this ADO post..and what’s the chances to get fired from JOB for poor performance???….n is it central government job or not???

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