Profile of an Office Assistant

Previously, office assistant were known as the clerk. Due to change in generation as well as pay scale; there also comes a change in the name of this post so that more and more applicant try for this job and bright students also get encouraged to get this job. Now, responsibility is also getting changed for the office assistant. Now, Office assistant do learning as well as knowledge work and there is also more chances of promotion in this post now.

Work of an Office Assistant

Whether it is bank or office, office Assistant main work is to help the seniors in their work. In Daily tasks, Permanent duties are evaluating internal staff, planning schedules, arranging meetings, handling of inventory as well as Cheques  etc. After some time of training, Office assistant is also allowed for independent decisions on small scale.

Main Works to do by office assistant

  • Maintaining proper Database.
  • Make sure that every equipment is properly maintained and being serviced on regular time.
  • Keeping proper record of cheques and transactions.
  • To help the seniors in doing administration work like Fax, Scanning and Xerox etc.
  • To make proper coordination of staff with managers.
  • Listening complains of customers and gives them proper response.
  • Proper typing of necessary documents and maintains proper stationary.

Career in Office Assistant Job

Mainly, probation period is of 12 months. In some banks, it is also of 6 months while in other banks, this time period can be extended more than 12 months. After probation period, you could also promote to officer scale posts depend upon your performance. In Some cases, promotion is also carried out by the inter exams.

Pay Scale of an Office Assistant

In Bank, it varies from Rs. 17000 to 20000. It depends upon the location as well as upon bank rules and regulations.

Although Office Assistant job is very complex and lot of work load. Still, it is good from the future point of view. During your office assistant job, you would learn following things which could be plus point in your future career;

  • Able to do work in team.
  • Able to handle complex work.
  • Learn organizing, managing and administration skills.
  • Good problem solving ability.
  • High communication skills.
  • Marketing skills (Depend upon you).

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