Job profile of non-tax Field jobs- CBI Sub Inspector, Postal Inspector and Narcotics Inspector

Job profile of non-tax Field jobs- CBI Sub Inspector, Postal Inspector and Narcotics Inspector


Despite Tax related field jobs through SSC-CGL exam, there are also some more field jobs which are more attractive and attract youth towards SSC CGL exam. Field jobs which are non tax but has great scope in future, are following kind of:

  • SI in CBI
  • Narcotics Inspector
  • Postal Inspector

Job profile of  SUb-Inspector (SI) in CBI

CBI is one of the premier investigation agency of India whose major role is to keep secure Public life and checking of cases which are complicated or pending from long time. Cases which are solved by the CBI are mainly of 3 types; anti-corruption, Economic crimes as well as Special crimes. Most of the cases which are handled by the CBI are against any PSU, Banks, Political party member etc.  It is not so easy to get direct inspector job in CBI. So, it is good platform to get your chance in CBI. After proving your knowledge and gaining, you would be promoted to CBI-Inspector which is a real achievement in Younger age. Plus point for Bachelors is that no proper uniform to wear. But, they have to maintain physical fitness according to CBI requirement. Also, they have to completed physical requirements before offer letter.

Although, SI in CBI is also grade B officer like other tax inspector jobs and same Grade  pay group. But, Salary of a CBI officer is more than different Department posts with same grade as CBI officers get 25 % extra on normal DA and Basic Pay with one month salary extra/year.  So, according to salary they could be counted under officers of Grade Salary 4600. Power of SI in CBI is also more as compared to ITI, Excise inspectors.  As its name indicates, it is totally field job with sophisticated crimes. So, there are too much chances of under table income. But, it is not as easy for any post officer as CBI keeps strict vigilance on every officer.

Job profile and Responsibilities of Sub Inspector in CBI department:

  • Due to heavy stress and declines, life is totally stressful.
  • For resolving cases, it is also possible that you have to travel a lot.
  • No proper timing. It is up to case which you are solving. If having near date deadlines, you have to do non-stop work. No matter it is day or night.
  • In complicated cases where search is to be carried out in dangerous places, revolver or pistol is allowed for SI. Otherwise, it is not so easy to hold gun with you being a SI in CBI.
  • Your most of time would be spent in Job. So, it would affect a lot of social life.

Life after clearing SI post exam for CBI through SSC-CGL:

After posting, first of all there would be 32 weeks training where officers would teach you about corruption and anti corruption laws and let you know how to deal in Complicates cases. In morning, you also have to run for 2 KM which is necessary for CBI officers, it is also compulsory after training.

Promotion Chart

Job profile of non-tax Field jobs- CBI Sub Inspector, Postal Inspector and Narcotics Inspector  

 Job Profile of Postal Inspector

We are mentioning Postal Inspector in Field job profiles. But, it is sad that there is nothing special things about Postal inspector as compared to other Field job Inspectors. No social respect for Postal Inspector and even no high power. Although profile of Postal inspector is good expect Social status and power.

There is also one more post with same profile and department,  Inspector of posts. There are almost 60-70 post offices in sub division of Postal Inspector. So, you can judge how much workload and how many assistant are under his/her profile. Initially, posting would be either Sub Divisional inspector or IP-PG (Public Grievance) .

IP is also allowed for 2 assistant regarding help in work. Expect this; Separate Office room would be allocated to you with Laptop and Monthly incentives of Rs. 750 for telephone and Internet. AS it is a field job, in case of traveling related to office work; TA (Travelling allowance) Rs. 2000 for 10 day is also allowed. Main pressure on you would be related to growth as in Banking. Your seniors expect 20 % growth annually in your division and all this pressure would come by your side.

Not suitable for women candidates. Male also fill this preference in last as something is better than nothing.

Job profile of Narcotics Inspector and Sub Inspector

Both profiles are available through SSC CGL exam. It is up to you, higher you score; higher your post.

Salary of Sub-Inspector in Narcotics is of Grade pay 2400 while Inspector salary is of Grade pay 4600. SO, try to get higher post with higher score.

We don’t have more information about Narcotics Department. We will post as soon as we come to know about.




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