Job Profile Assistant in Ministry of External Affairs ( MEA)

Job Profile Assistant in  Ministry of External Affairs ( MEA)

MEA stands for Ministry of External Affairs. It is most lucrative job for SSC  CGL aspirants because of foreign posting and high Salary package. You could get this job as Assistant in Ministry of External Affairs after clearing SSC CGL exam which is Grade-B job.

Mainly, there are two types of Jobs available in MEA.

General Assistant and Cypher Assistant

Job profile of General Assistant

Mainly Clerical work related to files reporting. There is less chance to get foreign posting as you don’t have to deal with Coding-Decoding work. You are eligible for same tenure in Home country as well as foreign. Initially, if you are spending your 3 years in India; Next 3 years, your Job posting would be Foreign. There are more chances of Promotion with No night shifts in Daily routines. Working hours are same as of Assistant in CSS with 2 days off.

Job profile of Cypher Assistant

As we can judge from the name, Work to do with the Coding and decoding by learning high languages related to security and Confidential. There are more chances of foreign posting. Your tenure for foreign posting is doubled as compared to General Assistant.  If you spend 3 years in Home Country, another 6 years would be in Foreign. Very less chances of promotion due to less number of high profile Jobs. As you have to do coding and decoding work, there are more chances that you could also get Night Shifts because of Change in Time Zone.

Best thing for Foreign posting in MEA is High-quality Education for students with total funded by Government.

Promotion Chances

Job Profile Assistant in  Ministry of External Affairs ( MEA)
Job Profile Assistant in Ministry of External Affairs ( MEA)

Promotion Scope of Assitant in MEA is same as of Assistant in CSS. After 1 years of Tenure as an Assistant in MEA, You are eligible for flat from Govt. Accommodation quota. You can be promoted to high post within 5-7 years if you clear departmental exam. Otherwise, it will take 15-18 years. Joint Secretary is Ambassador level post. After getting promoted to Under Secretary post, you would be eligible for IFS Cadre. Batch year would be allotted by the UPSC and you would be called as IFS officer. If you are shifting to foreign country after Under Secretary post, you would be also eligible for one servant. During Foreign posting, if Govt. Accommodation for 3 BHK is not available; Five Star hotel arrangement would be done for your entire family.    If you choose Delhi HQ which is situated at Dwarka, Delhi; you will get Government accommodation for 3 BHK which includes 2 rooms and 1 drawing room.

Common in Both profiles

Initially, your posting would be as assistant Delhi as assistant in MEA office. After some time (1 to 2 years), you would be offered to get foreign posting. It is up to you, if you want foreign posting otherwise you can also permanently set in Delhi. There is also chance that you could get job in RPO (Regional passport Office) of Hometown.

Salary package

Salary package would be same as of Assistant in CSS if you choose India Posting. If you choose foreign posting, you will get a hefty package which you are not going to reject. However, expenses are also more in foreign posting. So, take care before saying yes. After foreign posting, your addition allowance would be $ 1800 to $ 2000 (Rs. 1 lac to Rs. 1.5 lac) excluding Heating or Cold allowance.

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  • lindsey

    General Assistant MEA.
    Pls tell me the procedure to apply for this post?
    and can non-govt employees apply for this post or only govt employees can apply for it?

  • Only through SSC CGL

  • Only by SSC CGL exam….anyone can apply

  • kireetibvk

    if i got the job in cypher in MEA.can i take my family with me? or they should stay in india?..plz rpy me..thank u

  • Yes you can take. …it is upto you if you can handle all the other expenses

  • Shubham Saroha

    yes sir u can take ur family with free of cost

  • ramesh

    i am very interested in ssc cgl posts.But i got second class in my btech.Will it be any problem for me

  • Saksham Waghmare

    After foreign posting tenure complete is there any possiblty of coming back to india

  • Yes

  • pooja

    hello…i want to choose a post in which we can work in foreign as well..apart from MEA post is there any other post ? pls reply

  • Ganesh Ram

    Does LDC/UDC will get abroad post in MEA ??

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