Intelligence Bureau(IB) – ACIO (Assistant Central Intelligence Officer)

Most of the govt job aspirants wants to get job in Intelligence bureau as they inspired from the ‘EK THA TIGER’ Movie in which Salman Khan’s role was as a intelligence officer. As we often read statement which is depicted before starting of the movie that all characters and story is imaginary and there in no link with reality. Same thing is with the Intelligence Bureau job. In real life, you will not get ‘KATRINA’ with you and profile is also totally different from the movie.  In this post, we gonna discuss about whole details when you would get posted in the intelligence Bureau. Please read out carefully and start your preparation if you are really interested in this profile. Otherwise, you have to face a lot of problems when you get posted and you would have no option except regretting.

Profile Of ACIO ( Assistant Central Intelligence Officer)

If you just want to get a govt job with good profile, then it is okay. Salary is also okay as per your job profile and social life. But if your goals are high and you are expecting a environment like intelligence organization. It could be frustrated. As in most of the Govt. office departments, only 10% are patriotic; same thing is in IB office.

Below is the details of ACIO job after getting selected;

First 2 months of training 

  1. After selection, you will have to go through 2 months training in the Remote or you can say Isolated area. You will find no place for adventure  or wondering during training. During training, You will get Rs. 20000 to Rs. 25000 in your account which is totally yours as you don’t have to spent any amount on anything. Everything would be provided by the IB office. You have to pay your mess fees which could be around Rs. 5K.
  2. You will spent your whole day like Shit. In Morning, 2 hours exercise as well as running after that before sleeping, one hour exercise.
  3. In Day time, you have to spent time in classes with teacher who would taught you middle class stuff which is totally boring and like a shit.
  4. There is one good new as well as bad new for the UPSC aspirants. Bad news is that You will get no time for study in training phase as you have to spent most of time in the exercise and study for useless stuff. Good news is that you can get leave for the mains exam ( possible for other exams also) on the written request which could be negative for future posting.

Next 2 months of Training

  1. This training would be in Delhi which is also a good news for metro area lovers as you will get time to roam around Delhi in Evening.
  2. Salary is same as in Isolated But saving would be less. As you are in Delhi :p

First Job Posting ( Hard Time for 3 years)

  1. This is not in your hand as this would be decided by the IB office. Most of the aspirants will get in boarder areas. If you are lucky that you had been not allotted; Don’t  feel so happy. Initially 2-3 years in IB, everyone have to go for the Boarder duty One time.
  2. You would get accommodation in the Police Quarter which is Scary as well as safety.
  3. DCIO would be your senior who could make your life miserable by giving time pass orders as well as ordering Impossible works to do. Don’t get scared, He can’t do anything more than this. If you are unable to complete any work, don’t Worry. You would not get rejected or suspended.
  4. Don’t show off about your IB post which could be dangerous for you. Because, you have no power even 100 times less than a constable.
  5. If you want to quit at any stage, just get ready with Rs. 60000 ( Bond amount). Most of the persons quit in this period but if you had spent 3 years , you will be promoted to your home state and your powers will be also multi-fold.

NOC During Job Time

Most of the aspirants confused whether it is possible to take NOC certificate in IB job or not. Yes, you can take it. But only for the higher post. Your senior have authority to give you NOC within 15 days and it is compulsory for senior otherwise you can complain for it.

After 3 years, you could feel like a King a real IB Officer.

Promotions in IB Office

Promotion Chart

Salary of DCIO officer is same as the JUNIOR IAS scale.

Opportunities other than IB Promotion 

If you don’t want to continue in IB after some time, you could try for the other Govt Departments like CRPF, RAW, Airport protection agency; but you have to pass departmental  exams for this. You could also get opportunity to work in foreign countries.

Salary chart of IB-ACIO officers 

Aspirants are too much confused about pay scale in IB-ACIO jobs. As we already told about the salary given during training phase, here we are disclosing salary after getting job posting;

As it is already disclosed in IB notification, salary is from the pay band -2.

IB ACIO Gross Salary including allowances given – Rs. 31000 – 38000.

IB Basic Pay band – 9300-34800  Grade Pay – 4200

Current Dearness Allowance (DA) – 107 %)

House Rent Allowance (HRA) – 10%, 20%, 30% (based on class x, y, z cities)

Dearness allowance changes from every 6 months. So salary increases after every six month for any government employee.


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