General Awareness Study Plan for SBI PO

General Awareness Study Plan for SBI PO

SBI PO is one of the crucial exams to get admission in Banks. Plan to prepare General Awareness for SSC PO is different from SBI PO; SO we should carefully handle this study. Some of the Aspirants think that they are preparing for SSC CGL; so it is easy for them to clear SBI PO exam and it their cup of tea. But, they should avoid this type of dream.

Main difference between SBI PO and SSC General Awareness;

  • History Science, Polity, Geography

In SSC exams, you will find out more than 10 questions from this topic; But, SBI PO would not ask even a single question. They don’t care what happened in past.

  • Economy

In SSC, Most of the questions would be from theory and past while Questions of SBI PO would be from Current Affairs and little bit higher difficulty.

  • Computer

Only 2 or 3 questions in SSC while there would be more than 10 questions in SBI PO exam.

  • Marketing

No questions of Marketing in SSC CGL while more than 10 questions in SBI PO. 

As we previously analyzed in SSC General Awareness Study Plan that main portion was static. But, General Awareness plan for SBI PO exam is totally reverse. No Static history portion. Main focus is on the Economy later on Computer and Marketing.

Analysis of Last year exams of SBI PO 2014

If we analyze SBI PO 2014 exams, we conclude that 50 marks of General Awareness were arranged in following Sections;

  • Economy ( Avg. 10 to 14 marks in each session exam)
  • Computer ( Avg. 09 to 13 marks in each session exam)
  • Marketing ( Avg. 10 to 12 marks in each session exam)
  • International affairs, Current affairs, GK Book ( Avg. 12 to 17 marks in each session exam)

All analysis has been done of last year exams as you can check out above. Now question comes how to study all this and score high with less negative marking;

How to prepare economy for SBI PO

As we already cleared, main portion of economy is from current affairs; but you can’t miss other topics also. Other topics also form a main portion for the General Awareness preparation.

Topic wise list for economy questions is as below;

  • 5 to 7 marks from theory part of Economy
  • 3 to 5 marks from Govt. of India news related to economy.
  • Minimum 1 question from the International economy affairs.
  • 2 to 4 questions related to RBI past and Current news.

So, mainly you have to prepare theory part of economy and Current affairs related to economy.

Theory learning is also important before reading Current affairs economy. Because, some of the terms are hard to understand related to economy. You have to understand each term carefully from theory and learn all the rules and conditions of RBI.

Economy-Theory for SBI PO

No need to worry. You don’t need to buy any special book; just go through the below Books. These books are more than enough.

  1. NCERT Class 11
  2. NCERT Class 12
  3. Entrance Team hard copy of Economy Theory Material

For rest of the topics, go through

  • Pratiyogita Darpan
  • Economic Survey
  • Newspaper

Don’t depend upon last minute notes. Go through these things continuously time to time. Give at least 1 to 2 hour to learn this stuff. Some of the Govt. Job aspirants think that they would buy current affairs notes on last day and prepare instantly which is not possible in Gk case. You have to give proper time and make yourself notes so that you can easily read out whenever required.

How to prepare Computers for SBI PO Exam

Computers are main topic to study for SBI PO exams. This can take you in top ranker list. Most of the computer questions are easy condition that you had revised at least any single book related to Computer knowledge.

We suggest you below book and our Computer notes which more than enough are.

Computer Awareness Book

Marketing Preparation for SBI PO Exam 

Marketing is also one of the main things to learn related to SBI PO exam. You can’t miss marketing as this topic would not only help you in exam but also in Interview. Many times Interview panel asked questions from the Marketing.
Go through;

Best Marketing Book of Arihant 

This book is more than enough if you prepare it hardly and give your best to learn all new terms. You can follow our marketing notes to done last minute Preparation.

Install Flipkart App and get books in Discount. 


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