Drawbacks of Banking Jobs as compared to Other Govt. Jobs

Drawbacks of Banking Jobs as compared to Other Govt. Jobs

As banks are increasing at the rapidly rate in India, Jobs in banking sector also increasing at the same rate. Due to the large rate of unemployment in the industrial sector, some of the B.tech students are also running for the Banks Sector job due to a high salary and sustainability of Job. But, they don’t how difficult is banking job as compared to all other jobs. If you are doing the job in Technical field and getting less amount of Salary, It is possible that you would also think about the banking sector jobs. But, don’t just go behind the crowd. There are many drawbacks of banking jobs and it is not in each person’s cup of tea. High hard work and dedication are required to succeed in Banking Jobs. No matter Salary is good, but your social life would be suffered too much. Before selecting Banking jobs as your career, pleases go through below drawbacks of Banking jobs as compared to other Govt. Jobs. If you think that these points don’t matter in your life and your aim is only money, you can pursue further for the Banking Job as Career. Don’t go if you are not satisfied with below drawbacks otherwise, you have to resign after 2 or 3 years as some of the people have started given resign in most of the Banks.

Drawbacks of Banking Jobs as compared to Other Govt. Jobs

Let’s analyze Drawbacks of Banking Jobs as compared to Other Govt. Jobs one by one;

  • Working hours:

There is no working hour if you had not finished your work. It could be possible that you have to do more than 9-10 hours of work if the work load is more and you can’t pass on your work to any other employees due to security issues. In IT field, there is monetary compensation as well as appraisals available. But, don’t expect in the Banking sector. No matter when you are going from office, you have to present in the morning at 9 o’clock. Punctuality of morning time is important in Banking Job.   If you are working for long hours, instead of giving you appraisals; you would be considered as Slow and Technology obsolete guys. 

  • Nature of Work:

For first 2-3 years, you have to do every kind of work from cashier to Bank manager. It is possible that on a time you are treating as the cashier and after half day, you have to handle manager work related to RTGS, NEFT, customer retention etc. You have to handle every work efficiently; if you had done any monetary mistake; you have to pay from your pocket whether this mistake costs Rs. 100 or Rs. 1 Lac. You are only responsible for your mistake. During banking hours, you can’t get time for your personal work due to demands of Bank customers and their complaint. Even you can’t argue on a single issue with the customer because the customer is king and one complaint could lead you to Transfer.

  • Life expectancy

Due to increase in Work pressure and humiliation faced by the Bank Employees, Life expectancy is also getting decreased. On an average, a bank officer lasts for only 63 years while any other Govt. Job employees last more than 70-75 year.

  • Abnormal Pension rules

Pension rules are really like a hell. A person who got retirement in 1990 on an officer post getting Rs. 3500 as Pension and if any person of same getting retirement, this time, is getting Rs. 20000 as a pension. It really hurt Bank personnel feelings and demotivates them for improvement in their performance. 

  • Working Environment

It is really like a hell. Pressure from every side your managers, customers, the board of members etc. Boot-licking is the first step for the promotion; Relation with your manger more matter than your skills. These all things lead to fully busy schedule and no time for yourself to take rest which ultimately affects your health. Long hours of job ultimately reduce your efficiency for a long time and affect your family relation.

  • No Predefined promotion Cycle

In every organization, there is the proper plan for further Promotion and Appraisal.  But, HR policies of Banks are different as compared to other organization. It is also possible that you will get a transfer in remote areas after Working 20 years or your Work pressure could be widened due to less number of staff.

  • Transfers

In most of the organization, Transfers rarely take place and if a transfer is to take place, it would be near to the previous office within 100 KM with higher pay scale and higher post. In the case of Bank officers, transfers are to be taken place in remote areas whatever your post is. On an average, A bank officer received 10 to 15 transfers in total career and if he/she denies transfer, there is very less chance of getting promotion. This transfer not only affects social life; also affects Health, Children studies as well as financial status.

  • Monetary Risks

If you had done any monetary mistake; no one going to help you. Not only; you lost money but also your social respect as well as future chances of promotion. 

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