Difference Between Govt. Job Vs Private Jobs

Difference Between Govt. Job Vs Private Jobs

Recently, UP Govt. issued notification for Peon Vacancies. After receving applications from candidates, they were shocked seeing response of PHD or MBA candidates for Peon Jobs. This article inspired us to conduct a research and deduce what are the main reasons behind demand in Govt. Sector Jobs and what are the Main difference between Govt. Sector vs Private Sector Jobs.

We all know that no Govt. Sector company could compete with High end life style and package offered by the Private Sector Company. Still, Govt. Job demands are always on high and there are many institutes where our youth prepares for 2 or 3 years to clear any  Govt. Job exam. No matter whether you having 10 lac annual pakcage or you are living luxurious life in Private sector job or how much competition is in Govt. Job sector Job Exams and how life is in Govt. Sector, no one cares all they know that they want to take Govt. Job at any cost. We all know that every Job sector has its pros and cons but Govt. Job sector is always on demand. This article is mainly formed on the foundation that because we all wanted to know What is the main reason behind Govt. Job demand and what are the benefits or we can say How Govt. Job beat Private Job when we compare each other. 


Let go though difference between Govt job Vs  Private Job on the basis of some Parameters which we classify before deciding our career;       

Difference Between Govt. Job Vs Private Jobs
Difference Between Govt. Job Vs Private Jobs
  • Work Load

No tension about work load. Your goals are already cleared to you by your senior manager, You just have to finish your work in particular time. You don’t have to put extra working hours to complete your work because if your work is not finished you could easily extend project date without any penalty. No one going yell on you. You will enjoy relaxed life with no deadline dates or Sales Target.

If you are motivated for money and don’t worry about pressure to complete your sales target; Private sector is best. Targets are fixed with lucrative Incentive Policies and you will get constant reminders or we can say pressure from your higher department to complete your targets.

  • Holidays/Leaves

No one will dare to call you on public holiday because it is totally off for Most of the Govt. Sector. In case, if you called for any urgent work you could claim one extra leave.  Total leaves as well as Public holidays are fixed which is the best perk you will get when being appointed in any Govt. Sector Company.

Sorry to say but Leaves are fixed and It is also possible that You have to come on Govt. Holiday no matter what type of festival it is. It is up to the company policies whether they decided that Holiday as Office holiday  or not.

  • Job Security

If you ever travel out of India or know of other countries, there are some countries where Govt. Sector Company hire Employees on 3 or 5 years contract. After that, their contact get renewed. In India govt. Sector company, if you get hired you will get your lifetime income plan till retirement. There is very rare chance that if any Govt. employees will ever lose his job. Job Security as well as income is fixed and you come to know all promotional and Bonuses policies after appointment which is motivation for you to not to give resign.

No job security in private Sector Job. This is the main thing where Private Sector Job lacks. Even If you are working for any private company and recession comes or company Financial condition is not good, you could be fired without any notice.

  • Pension and Family benefits

Once you are Govt. Employee; you are eligible for Pension after retirement. Despite this, you will also get family health care plan, 0% loan benefits as Incentives.

Private sector strictly against any Pension policy or loan benefit policy. All they can provide is Health care plan till you are employed. Private Sector companies are strictly against the famous Tag Line of LIC Insurance Company  ‘Zindagi k Sath Bhi Zindagi Ke Baad Bhi’. 

We think all these points are enough to compare difference between Govt. Job Vs Private Job. Still, we will show you some more parameters which are not so important but equally effective as these above parameters.  

  • Income Growth

Income is the main parameter which matters highly in Govt. Sector Jobs Demand. If you will look out salary on entry level in Govt. Job It is too good as compared to Private Sector. This is the main thing which attracts everyone towards Govt. Sector. But, Growth is stable in Govt. Sector Job as compared to Private Sector Job. If you are joining any job in Private sector on Rs. 20000 per Month; There are high chances that It could Reach Rs. 1 Lac per month after 2-3 years if you show your talent and skills. But, if we talk about Govt. Sector Jobs; if you join with starting 20000 Per month there are very less chances that Your Salary would reach Rs. 50000 after 3-4 years. Because, all Promotions and Incentives is fixed in Govt. Sector Job. No Incentives or Target to increase your incomes.

  • Nepotism

Nepotism is highly favourable in Govt. Sector Jobs. If your Father or any close relative is on higher post, they can help you in fast promotion. But, There is rare chance of Nepotism in Private Sector Jobs. All you have to show your talent and skills and you would be promoted.

  • Reservation system

Reservation System is followed by every Govt. Department. It means if any of your friend got less marks than you, he/She could be promoted to higher posts than you just on the basis of Govt. Reserved Cast System. No matter how much skills or talent you are having, Reservation System is strictly to be followed by Govt. Sector Companies.

  • Entrepreneurship

If your aim is to start your own business after experience in any field, you should never look out for Govt. Jobs. Govt. Job is Monotonous; all you have to do same work again and again and you will not be motivated for daily work. While in Private Sector Jobs, you would experience daily new problems and solutions which could help you in exploring new business as well as new opportunistic jobs. 

  • Social respect

No Doubt, Govt. Jobs are on first place in terms of social respect. No matter how much you are earning, if you are on Govt. Job, everyone will respect you highly.

Please share your valuable response to clear out differences of Govt. Job Vs. Private Job. 



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