Career in Indian Air Force

Career in Indian Air Force

Hello Friends, Welcome to Today’s topic is Career in Indian Air Force. Some of us also termed this as IAF. IAF full form is Indian Air Force.  It is everyone’s dream to be a part of Indian Air Force team but there is no guide available online which will let you know that how can you join Indian Air Force. This topic will guide you all about career in Indian Air Force. How can you be a part of Indian Air Force Team depends upon your qualifications. First of all, we’ll introduce you with the different type of careers in Indian Air Force. Different type of careers means what would you like to become in Indian Air Force team as there are many of the options available in Indian Air Force. Let’s introduce you with different type of careers available in Indian Air Force.

Career in Indian Air Force

Flying Branch career in Indian Air Force

As headline says all ‘Flying Branch’; It means you have to just fly, your work will be to drive. It is not necessary that you will get Helicopters too fly. If anyone is joining Flying Branch career In Indian Air Force; He could have 3 options to fly. 3 options are
a) Fighters
b) Transports
c) helicopters
You can get any of the vehicle to drive or Fly. It all depends upon your skills & confidence.

Technical Branch Career in Indian Air Force

As headline says, it is totally technical field. You work will be fully technical. In Technical Branch, 2 type of careers are available which are Mechanical & Electronics. You have to clear technical exam to be enrolled in technical career in India Air Force.

Ground Duty Branch Career in India Air Force

In Ground Duty Branch career, many of the options are available. If you applied for the Ground Duty Branch career, you can get following options to work.
a) Administration
Your duty will be to manage human & material resources.
b) Accounts
To manage finance inside IAF academy.
c) Logistics
To manage material & ensure good flow of equipments
d) Education
e) Meteorology
To handle satellite images & learn them to predict about weather.

How to enroll for Flying Branch career after graduation/Engineering

If you want to make your career in the Flying Branch in the Indian Air Force; you can apply from any of the following modes;

1) Entry in Flying branch of Indian Air Force by CDSE Exam:
CDSE full form is Common Defence Services Examination. This exam is meant for men only. Only men can apply for this exam. Required qualification to appear for CDSE exam is either 3 years graduate course after 12th Med or Non-med OR B.Tech. There is no minimum percentage criteria. Application form for CDSE comes out in June or November. You can check out latest notification on UPSC.GOV.IN.

2) Entry in Indian Air Force-Flying Branch by NCC Special Entry:
This is like a cherry on the cake for Men. If you are ‘C’ certificate holder of National Cadet Corps; you can directly apply for the flying branch of Indian Air force. Rest of the
educational qualifications are the same. Notification for NCC Special entry comes in Mid of the March. You have to check offline for the same.

3) Entry by SSC entry thorugh AFCAT exam:
SSC Stands for Short Service Commission. Through AFCAT Exam, you can apply for Flying Branch. As its name states Short Service Commission. Once you are selected, your job is only for the 14 years with no extension. Best thing about AFCAT exam is that Men as well as Women both can apply for Flying branch through this exam. Rest of 2 modes are meant for men only. Required Educational qualifications are same.
Notification for AFCAT exam comes twice in a year; first in June & after that in December. It is upto you which one to apply depends upon your qualifications & comfortable level.

How to enroll for Technical Branch in India Air Force Exam after engineering

Anyone who had applied for the technical branch in India Air Force is called as the Aeronautical Engineer. After enrolling in Technical Branch, you can choose Aeronautical Engineer Mechanical or Aeronautical Engineer Electronic. To enroll in technical Branch, you have to apply thorough AFCAT Exam. There are 2 options in AFCAT to apply for Technical Branch, either through University Entry Scheme or through Aeronautical Engg. Course. As already told, AFCAT exam notification comes in June & December.

How to enroll for Ground Duty career in IAF

You can apply for any of the career in Ground Duty by applying into AFCAT exam.

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