All about Computer Virus for Competitive exams

All about Computer Virus for Competitive exams 

VIRUS….Most used term in IT Industry and also increasing in Banks. Question arises what is relation between IT world and Banking. We are relating Banking to IT world because of increases of use of Computers and increment of users using Internet Banking. We almost see 3 to 5 question for computer Virus in Competitive exams . VIRUS for Computer is same as the disease for Human Being. As disease affects body parts and decrease our Working capacity; in the same way, Virus affects Software of Computer and decrease security of our computer systems; leads our computer to vulnerable state. Here, we are going to present you every mini aspects related to Computer virus so that you score maximum in Computer Virus related questions for competitive exams. Please remember all below words which are bold or Italic, these are the most common terms asked in Banking exams.  

What do you mean by Virus

AS we already state the definition of virus; But we don’t know why It spell as a VIRUS or what do us mean by VIRUS?

VIRUS is abbreviated for Vital information resource under siege.  This question was like a hot cake before 2-3 years when there was less use of computers as well as less information related to Computer Virus.

                Virus is a malware program created by the Computer programmers who have good knowledge of Programming; when it is executed in computer; it produces unlimited copies of itself and spreading in every file related to Computer operations and after that affecting computer performance as well as security. There are different types of Computer VIRUS exists; some trying to steal your information, some infected hosted parts, Display Vulgar messages etc. Sometimes, A Virus can put your Computer useless. It all depends upon Programmer that what type of Computer Virus they created.

 Damages done or Infected parts due to Computer Virus:

  • It spreads multiple files of itself in Software and manipulates its operations.
  • Harm to Genuine files of Microsoft word.
  • Harms the removable Storage data.
  • Harm to our operating system causing it unable to perform.
  • Our system starts rebooting itself again and again.
  • Modification of previous data with new Virus files.
  • Decreasing security of system;.

Famous Computer Viruses till now:

Most of time, question arises related to famous viruses like when this virus was in market, what type of Virus was this and lots of things. Let’s check out famous viruses till now:

  • Creeper:

 It was detected first time on ARPANET in 1970. It was the first actual virus created. This virus modify our system files and causing them to display message (I am Creepe, Catch me If you Can) continuously on the screen.  

  • Elk Cloner:

Detected in 1982 on Apple OS showing short poem on Desktop. This was the first virus on the Personal Computer.

  • Brain:

Detected in 1986; first virus to hit Microsoft’s DOS on IBM OS.  

  • MYDoom:

Most destructive Virus of till now; detected in 2004.

  • I Love You:

This virus was detected in 2000 and it is most spreading virus till now.

  • Win 32.5-0-1:

It was first social networking virus in 2011 gathering all users data through their IP.

Type of Viruses:

As we already states Virus affect different parts of computer depending upon its capacity or programming. Viruses have been divided into different categories depending upon their operation or affected areas.

  • File Virus: Also known as parasite Virus. Easily created and most spread type of virus till now. It is just like a file which executes multiple times on execution.
  • Boot Sector Virus: As its name states, affects the boot sector, causing system to restart again and again.
  • Macro Viruses: Affects major software files, programming features.

What do you mean by terms; Malware, Worms, Torjan Horse, RootKits

These all terms used by the programmers as well as Anti Viruses during detection of Viruses in system. Let’s check out what they mean;

  • Rootkits: Virus programs which modify operating system and hide Virus from detection.
  • Malware: any kind of software which affects operation of Computer. Virus and worms are its parts.
  • Worms: Worms are little bit different than Viruses because of its capacity to execute themselves. They don’t need any executable command or anything else like Virus needs.
  • Torjan Horse: It is not Virus but more harmful than Virus because of it operations. It in the Category of Malware Software. It can affect most sensitive parts of Computer without your knowledge. Even it works when your system is out of Power or doing any important work. Due to its different operations, it is also known as the ‘SPYWARE”.

How to secure computer form Viruses

  • By installing Anti-Virus Software.
  • By taking continues back up of your data at regular intervals of time.
  • By installing a OS after a scheduled time so that it repair any affected files.

Questions asked in exams till now related to Computer Virus:

  • What do you mean by Trend Micro ?

It is kind of Anti-Virus software.

  • Name the virus which fool user to execute Virus by pretending themselves as a useful file.

Trojan Horses.

  • Macro Virus affects which parts

Application software.

  • Delayed pay load of Viruses is also known as


  • Brain was a

Boot Sector Virus

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