AFCAT Exam Analysis

Every year, Indian Air Force recruitment team invite applications  2 times for the permanent commission as well as short service commission posts. This exam is know as the AFCAT. Every time, lac of Candidates apply for joining into air force on the above listed but only few of the lucky as well as Hard working students make it possible to enter into Indian Air Force as it is not everyone’s cup of tea. To get into the exam, we have to strong our preparation and should leave no stone unturned. Firstly, we have to study the syllabus and according to that we have to prepare ourselves.

AFACT Exam analysis

Paper will be of 100 marks and each question will consists of 3 marks each and -1 for every wrong question. So, take care before marking any answer.

Paper will consist of mainly 4 different subjects;

  1. English
  2. History/GK
  3. Aptitude
  4. Reasoning 

Subject Wise analysis of AFCAT Exam

ENGLISH (90 marks)

In English, paper will be divided of 7 parts. These 7 parts could be from the following topics; Spelling Error, Word-meaning, one Word, Word Selection, Passage, Synonyms as well as Antonyms. Every part will be of 3-4 questions. So, If you are good in English. You can easily score 80+ marks only from the English portion. But, Don’t be sure of yourself because it can decrease your rank also as there could be negative marking.

History/GK(45 marks)

It is not so much scoring part. Because, no one could be sure from which topic they could ask questions. Just make sure that you are not marking any wrong answer. Mainly out of 15 questions, they ask 2 questions in every exam surely. First would be of any special day and second would be from history of Indian Air Force.

Aptitude(60 marks) 

This is the most scoring part as well as most easy part for Non-medical students. If you are good in Mathematics upto 10th level, you could easily score for 60 marks in this part. Mainly questions will be from Man-Day-Work topic,average topic, profit and Distance-Velocity topic. So, if you are good at Aptitude, make sure your speed efficiency is also good because These questions could take more time but It is almost sure that It could take you to high score.

Reasoning(105 marks)

Most interesting as well as scoring Part is Reasoning. You don’t need to mug up a data for such a big score. it just depends upon your mind thinking ability. Every question would be easy just a condition is that you have to think over the questions seriously and With calm. More than 10 questions will be of Picture description.

Cut-Off of AFCAT Exam

From last 2 years, its cut off varies form 120-130 marks. So, It is not a difficult task if you are serious about getting into Indian Air Force.

This all analysis is done from the last year October-2014 AFCAT Exam which you can download from the below link in PDF Format.

  AFCAT 2014 exam

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