About Job profile Probationary officers, speiclaist officer and clerk Posts in bank

About Job profile Probationary officers, speiclaist officer and clerk Posts in bank

Banks offer a different type of jobs for the Graduates and all exams taken by the IBPS online. Any person who is about to complete Graduation or completed graduation in last few years can try for these exams. Everyone ask same questions when it comes about jobs; whether it is fully secured, Career growth is satisfactory or not, How much is salary growth and all that. Here, we will answer all of your queries. First of all introduce yours with different kind of posts available in bank; you should also have knowledge of the profile for which you are going to give interview as Interviewer can also ask questions about the Post for which you are looking for job.

Type of post available in the banks;

  • PO
  • Clerk
  • Specialist officers

A brief description about job profile of Probationary officer (PO) post in Bank

First of all we will let you know why it is called PO. Initially 2 years, PO have to work on probation period and have to do different kind of works related to admin, cash management, clerical etc. It is totally depends upon bank what job is to give you. Some banks started giving management work to its PO’s in initially 3 years while some give only clerical work to make perfect in single area.

Duties/ Work done by the Probationary officer (PO):

  • If you are reported as a cash officer for some days, you have to maintain balance sheet of bank and take print out of necessary documents related to cash flow like General Ledger, Profit/Loss sheet etc. and get it checked from the your senior manager or Chief manager.
  • Verification of all the NEFT/RTGS, New account opening of the customers, Issue of check book and ATM, Checking of cash closing and Inward deposits at the end of day.
  • In most of the banks, Cashier work is done by the Clerks. In case of Heavy crowd, PO also has to handle cash counter.
  • To handle mail support system with head office. Most of the computer related admin work to be done by the PO and keep track of all the mails, new rules etc.

In short, we can say there is no particular work of PO. Po is like a support for manager and follows every rule of manager strictly. Sometimes, PO also called as the assistant manager. PO is scale 1 officer and counts in the junior management Cadre. Even, you also have authority to print your visiting cards as ‘Assistant Manager’.

Initially, 3 years was difficult as you have to work more than expectations and work will be mix up. So, you have to handle this time patiently and enjoy after that.

Salary and perks/incentives given to the Bank Probationary Officer (PO):

Most of the Banks follow salary chart presented by the IBPS on 1 November, 2007. As there are so many private Banks; therefore, there incentives, perks vary according to their rules.

According to chart presented on 2007, Scale of PO salary is 14500 (600×7) 18700 (700×2) 20100(800×7) 25700. Figures which are presented in brackets are the annual increment. So, Basic salary of PO is 14500 in hand officially. Instead of this salary, there are different kinds of allowance given which we are going to present below:

a) DA

b) HRA

c) CCA

Dearness allowance:

It is 102.45 % of the Basic pay which could be changed as per government policy.

HRA (House Rent allowance):

Vary from posting to posting (6 to 9 % of the Basic Salary). Max in Metro Cities.


3 to 4 %.

Therefore, total salary will vary from 28 to 30 thousand which depends upon posting.

Bonus for SBI PO:

4 additional increments are given to the SBI PO. So, there total salary could be more than Rs. 4800.

Other Perks available to Bank PO’s:

  • Travelling allowance as per Bank rules.
  • Pension scheme benefits.
  • Monthly amount for News paper.
  • Fixed Medical allowance according to different Banks Policies.


For detailed discussion about PO post; Please go through the below link;


Specialist Officer:

Now, banks also started to recruit officers for their specific work. As we already discussed; PO’s having different type of work related to administration and banking. But, there are some posts for which Bank recruits same field persons and just give experience of a particular work.

Below are the scales on which Banks recruit Specialists officers;


 Type of specialist officer in Banks and career growth


IT officer

As we can judge from its name, its work is related to new Computer technology, maintenance of servers, and maintenance of data Base, proper care of all software etc. Most of the banks prefer B. Tech in Computer Engg. As required qualification for this post.

Law officer

As Bank is the main and legal location to deal with money and to deal with white money, we have to go through many legal processes otherwise Govt. rules can create problem for the Banks. So, Banks also need law officer to deal with different kind of problems which occurred in daily life as explained below:

  • To appear in the labor officers, court issues, tribunals on the behalf of the Bank.
  • To prepare legal drafts need for the Documentation and administration purposes.

Agricultural officer

As Banks also have to deal with agricultural loan; so banks appoint persons especially for this work. An agricultural officer has to deal with people who are in need of Agricultural loan. Officer has to cover up the all documents related to Site acquisition, check whether Loan is worth for bank or not etc. Officers for this kind of post would be recruited in rural areas only.

Marketing officer

It is most discussed post in younger’s whether it is good or not and what are the career growth or future scope etc. Friends as we all know, it all depends upon your interest. If your interest in banking and understanding economy, you should go for PO job. While if you want to make your career in marketing field and ready to bear high pressure from Head office, you can go for Marketing Field. If you are marketing officer of Bank, Following things would be depends upon you;

  • Maintaining local areas in terms of marketing and business potential.
  • Preparation of strategies for sales and coordinating with sales team for increasing brand name, sales, customers etc.
  • Increase your bank awareness in Public.
  • Organizing meeting with new and old prospective clients.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and share of Bank in market.
  • Press release and marketing of new products.



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