About Dengue Fever for Competitive exams

About Dengue Fever for Competitive exams

Dengue is leading cause of Illness in urban as well as rural areas. More than 33% of World’s population is infected from Dengue virus and at a risk of Infection. Dengue fever is caused by the Mosquito bite. Dengue fever is also known as back bone virus because it is too much associated with muscle and joints pain. People with compromised Immune system are more likely to affected by the Dengue.

Symptoms of Dengue Fever:

  • Severe Joint or Muscle Pain.
  • Uncontrollable headache.
  • Continuous fever more than 1 day.
  • Vomiting and Diarrhea is the most common problem among Children in Dengue Fever.
  • Blood Clotting near chest or abdominal cavity.

About Dengue Fever for Competitive exams

About Dengue Fever Virus

It is from the RNA Virus of family, Flaviviridae. AS most of time, this fever is affected by the Mosquito bites, so these are also termed as arboviruses. Mainly, there are 5 strains of Dengue Virus on the basis of antigenicity.

Dengue Fever transmitted by which mosquito:

Aedes Mosquitoes spread Dengue fever everywhere and most of time, they bite in day time.  Aedes Mosquitoes mostly live in tropics as well as Sub Tropics area. A single bit is enough to spread Dnegue Fever.

Tests to Diagnosing Dengue;

Mainly there are two tests to diagnosing Dengue in any Human being; First one is NS1 Antigen test (to be done within 5 days of Symptoms) and Second one is Igm-Elisa Test ( after 5 days of Symptoms). Both tests have its own importance. We will explain you though as example:

Suspecting Dengue, the family members of Ram took him to a private hospital in Delhi where doctors prescribe them to do NS1  Antigen test and after getting reports, they were shocked that reports are negative but Ram’s health was getting poor and Poor so what is the reason behind this issue ? Was He suffering from any other Health issue or were Laboratory reports wrong?

Both assumptions are wrong. Actually they did NS1 antigen test after 5 days of Dengue which is not applicable. So, after getting proper prescription, they done Igm-Elisa test which was positive and Ram has to admit into hospital.

Precautions to stay away from Dengue:

  • Do not litter your surroundings. Keep it clean.
  • Check all your drains and do proper inspection of Chokes because Chokes are main invitation to Dengue Mosquitoes.
  • Remove all stagnant water from containers, Air-Coolers etc.
  • Keep Mosquito sprays as well as Coils in your home and use it regularly to avoid any mosquito bite.
  • If you are suffering from fever from last 48 hours, go for a well qualified doctor. Do not self medication or buy from medical Stores without tests.
  • Don’t travel in populated areas.
  • Use Mosquito repellent as much as possible.
  • Try to wear full body clothes as much as possible ( Long Shirts and Long pants)
  • Use mosquito nets during sleeping time.

How to prevent Dengue:

As we all know, it is caused by Virus; so No Medicine or antibiotics discovered for this problem. Only Precautions is the solution. We can minimize the risk of Dengue by decreasing the habitat of Mosquitoes and from exposure of Mosquito.

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