About Mr. Urjit Patel-RBI Governor

From last 1-2 months, There were many rumours coming for the Successor of RBI Governor Mr. Raghuram Rajan whose term going to end in September,2016. Finally on 20 August, 2016; Govt. discloses the name for new RBI Governor who is no other than this aristocrat Mr. Urjit Patel.  He will take over the RBI Governor Position on 4th September,2016 for 3 years. So, here we are going to learn some excellent facts about Mr. Urjit Patel-RBI Governor which will come in use for the upcoming govt. Exams;

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Tricks to remember Countries with Capitals and Currencies

Hello Friends, How are you? Hope, all of you is studying with full dedication to clear the Govt. Entrance Exam which will help you to land on your dream job. Many times, Examiner asks question related to Countries, Capital as well as currencies. It is very rare chance that Examiner will ask question related to matching of all three things. Most of the questions in exams are in pairs like Capital of this country  or Currency of country. Here, we are going to share PDF file with you in whom you’ll get a full list of Countries and their resp. Capital as well as Currencies.

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Japanese method of Multiplication 2 digits number

Whenever you see any Imported Product, you get curious to know about that product feedback. Reason being we believe that Imported Products are far better than Domestic Products. We all know, Govt. is trying hard to increase ‘Make in India’ Products but still Imported Products are on demand and every one of us believe that Imported product will give good result as compared to domestic products. Let’s see that when Govt. would be successful to bring the change that Domestic products are also better and don’t blindly trust imported product.

Anyway, let’s concentrate on the Current article. I am posting this article ‘Japanese method of Multiplication 2 digits number’ to improve your calculation speed and also to introduce you with easiest method of calculation for 2 digits number.

As I already mentioned that this is the Japanese method.  So; it is quite obvious that this method was invented by the Japanese Teachers and used all over the Japan.

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How to manage Examination stress

As you are browsing this article, it means you are either going to give an exam or an Interview; don’t worry Stress is normal. There should be little bit stress because it motivates us for exam and upcoming problems but high stress leads to affect our mind performance as well as body. Whenever any Exam or interview is nearby, we start getting worried about that and ultimately our mind gets out of control and Stress gets increased. Most common reason behind all this stress is our worrying nature. As we start getting worried about our nearby exam or interview, Many questions starts getting arise in our mind like what would happen in exam, How I would solve mathematics question in given time, Do I really know enough or what type of questions Interviewer would ask. As these questions increases stress which leads to our irritating behavior, short-tempered mood etc. All above symptoms are suffered by the most of the mediocre level Students or Govt. Job aspirants which should be completely avoided for a better tomorrow or for our best performance in the upcoming exams.

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Short-cuts for division-Divisibility test Tricks

Division is one of the basic concepts of Mathematics or we can say Calculation. Division is easy but it gets complex when we have to find out result for division of higher number. So, here we are going to introduce with short formulas as well as Divisibility test. Sometimes, Examiners directly asks about divisibility test of number and we consume so much time in a silly question. Here, we are presenting you some tricks so that you don’t speed more than 10-15 seconds to find whether it is divisible by any number form 1 to 10 or not. 

Important Tricks about Divisibility Test

Divisibility Test

If examiner asks you question whether x is divisible by y or not. It means they are directly asking for divisibility test.

Divisible by 2

  • If last digit (Unit Digit) of any number is even we can say Number is divisible by the 2. ( Rule is Clear, No example needed).

Divisible by 3

  • Count sum of all digits of the given number ( if you get sum in two digits, sum again); If result is either 3 or 6 or 9; Number is divisible by 3 otherwise not.


Check 9653 is divisible by 3 or not.

As sum of all digits is 23; Sum again, you will get 5 as answer which is not divisible by 3. It means 9653 is not divisible by 3.

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